24 March 2015
Government Announcement : Smoke Alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors Required in Rental Property by October 2015
You can get FREE Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Alarms in England. From October this year, all privately rented properties will have to have a smoke alarm on every floor, and a carbon monoxide alarm in every high risk room. That means every room with a solid fuel heating system, like coal fires, wood burning stoves, and, yes, the room with the gas boiler in it. So the government is giving fire authorities smoke and carbon monoxide alarms which they will distribute FREE to landlords who don't have them. It looks like first come, first served, so make sure you get in touch with your local fire and rescue authority to make sure you get yours. If your property is fully managed by us, we shall get them for you. Remember, you have to have them from October.
05 December 2014
Warm Up Bristol - Energy Saving Grants - Draft Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property)

Warm Up Bristol: Raft of Energy saving grants available to landlords from Warm up Scheme, eligibility requirements EPC ratings of E, F & G. Available up to 31/03/2015. Grants to include: Up to £3,000 ** towards the installation of any energy efficiency measures available under the Green Deal and recommended by a Green Deal Assessment. Additional Support available for new gas connections - up to £1,000 additional funding available A heavily discounted Green Deal Assessment costing £49 (usually £150) £150 of free energy efficiency measures available from a pick and mix list. Funding for above offer is limited and applications will be considered on first come first served basis until end of March 2014. Link Information below worth Keeping an Eye on Draft Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (England and Wales) Regulations 2015. Currently under consultation proposes new regulations which propose that from 2016 any tenant asking for consent to make reasonable energy saving improvements to your property cannot be refused, and also proposes to prohibit renting property which holds an EPC with a lower band than E.  

26 September 2014
New Regulations for all Letting Agents to hit 30th of October 2014!
Attention all, the 30th October 2014 is fast approaching and there are a lot of changes in store for us letting agencies.
Up until now, letting agents and property managers who are responsible for valuable assets, have not had any regulation at all. From the 30th of October It will now be a mandatory requirement for all letting agents to belong to one of the three government approved redress schemes. The three schemes are:
  • The Property Ombudsman
  • The Ombudsman Service
  • Property Redress Scheme
Unsatisfied customers of letting agents can now go to an independent body to deal with unresolved complaints.
Bristol Local Lets embraces these changes, we have been putting our customers’ needs at the heart of what we do since we launched in 2010. Proving this by being members of the Property Ombudsman scheme, Who check that we have a Client Bank Account, and annually check valid professional indemnity insurance is in place, and have a Code of Practice which we sign up to.
Nothing annoys us more than bad treatment of landlords and tenants giving letting agent’s a bad name. We pride ourselves on giving our customers a professional, fair, unique service and can’t abide others who don’t do the same!
04 January 2012
Keeping Warm This Winter, some money and energy saving tips from Bristol Local Lets!

It’s always good at this time of year to keep as warm as possible, without it costing you the earth! So we have decided to put together a few energy saving ideas, brilliant for both landlords and tenants. Firstly, Night Storage Heaters, given to us by Andrea Johnson from AJ Energy & Inspection Services:

Night Storage Heater Controls
Provided you have a dual tariff electricity supply then a system powered with ‘off-peak’ electricity usually offers lower heating costs than ‘on-peak’ electric heating.
Electric night storage heating controls include:
Heat input control (sometimes known as the ‘charge’ or ‘overnight’ dial)
The heat input control sets how much electricity can be charged to a storage heater overnight. The higher the setting, the more energy can be stored, and the more heat can be released the next day.
Some electric storage heaters have an automatic Input that sets the charge by the night time temperature of the room.
If you find that you run out of heat before the end of the day, and the Input is not on maximum, turning it up will store extra heat for the following day.

Heat output control (
sometimes known as the ‘room temperature’ or ‘boost’ dial)
The heat output control dial controls the rate at which heat is released during the day. It opens and closes a flap that limits the amount that can pass through and out. If you need the storage heater to store the heat until the evening, you will need to turn the output dial down as far as possible so less heat is released during the day and then turned to maximum when you return.
Most owners of storage heaters find that they do have to use an extra heating source daily but if you are too cold remember to check that the Output dial is set to maximum, before deciding to switch on an extra heater.
05 October 2011
Best of Bedminster

On Saturday the 1sof October we took part in Best of Bedminster 2011, which is an annual Bedminster South Bristol event. We believe that it is vital for small businesses and Bristol letting agencies such as ourselves to support our local community. We as an ethical letting agency believe that these local events can really draw the community together and help us establish what the local community needs from a letting agency.

The weather was absolutely superb and we decided to set up a hooking for ducks stall it was 20p for three goes (although I think most of the children had as many goes as needed, until they caught a duck) and we had soft toys, finger puppets and sweets as prizes. Everyone was a winner!

All money raised went towards the next Best of Bedminster event, and our stall went down a treat!

It was a really fun day, as well as our stall; there was plenty of music, games, and competitions going on, such as: Best Cakes, Best Chutneys and Best Jar of Jam, to name but a few!

Other small businesses from the Create Centre also attended, Lifecycle’s Dr Bike offered free Bike maintenance. Bristol Credit Union who we work with, were also exhibiting. It was a lovely event, which we thoroughly enjoyed contributing towards.

We hope to be involved in a lot more community events in the future and possibly put some on ourselves, as usual we will keep you informed!

28 September 2011
Make Your Home Eco

As you may know, Bristol Local Lets is based at the Create Centre. This week they are offering a fantastic 6-week course aimed at showing you how to make your home more eco.

This interactive course is designed to help you save money at home; now even more essential in the face of rising fuel bills. Whether you're a tenant or a landlord, this wide-ranging and user-centred course will help you meet your priorities. The course runs from the 12th October to the 23rd November. You can book by visiting Don't delay, sign up today!